Based on the findings, we approached the redesign in three key steps: Information architecture, Core features, and Visual design & Prototyping 

After the user survey, we saw the need to reorganize the application site map and user flow. 

Sketches &

Idea Validation

Sought feedback by creating many sketches, wireframes and ran quick usability tests with random users. From these sessions, the users drove our design to a clean and organized layout.

The results played a part in our design exploration, as we decided to improve clearer separation and differentiation of personal and work chats with toggle tabs located at the top nav, colour coordinated group chats, and the ability to mute personal and work chats on and off for better work-life balance!

The Solution

Create links to invite friends, family and coworkers
to video calls or in-person meetings

Cast polls, get everyones vote and decide once and for all

Google Nest Hub Virtual Assistant integration for hands-free multi-tasking

Smoothly transition to Rooms video calls powered by Facebook